Thursday, 30 June 2011

D.K.Bose, BoseDK

I swear, I have sworn, not to swear on the blogosphere but this is the song hovering in my mind. It is the current bollywood chart buster "Bhaag D.K. Bose" from the movie Delhi Belly featuring chocy-boy Imran Khan ( bollywoods answer to Robert pattinson) doing a GreenDay. 
Well what is bollywod doing on a design blog u ask? (ok lets take a moment here and all agree bollywood is everywhere around the world now & it will be recurring on my blog & hollywood will aswell!)...nevertheless…Well it reminded me of an article featured in Wallpaper (my favorite design magazine) some few years back. The name had caught my attention then Bosedk a design label by two talented artists Jiten Thukral & Samir Tagra of Thukral & Tagra.
Here are a few images from the Bosedk label.

images via {bosedk}
The duo has received numerous awards and was recently singled out by Wallpaper Magazine as one of the 101 best emerging international designers. 

"Somnium Genero-Aeries01 ” by Thukral & Tagra. Acrylic on canvas. (1,83 m x 3,66 m)
They call their style as “Punjabi Baroque” which I totally get it once I see their work. 

Thukral & Tagra, Art Basel 2007
Effugio (escape) 2008

Although I cannot help but wonder what would be a movie version of "Punjabi baroque". Maybe something like Scarlett Johansson in The Girl with a Pearl Earring dancing on a bollywood style Bhangra number ???

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