Saturday, 25 June 2011

Kickstarter - +Pool: a floating pool in NYC's East River-

Every entrepreneur knows how challenging it is to get an investor, whether to kickstart the venture or to grow your enterprise. Exciting ideas with great potential just remain stuck on the drawing board, due to lack of funding. Thats the reason why I love this website .It is the "largest funding platform for creative projects in the world". Too bad its only for US residents. 
The latest hero of the 30 day Kickstarter campaign is this amazing, architectural-scale product design project of a floating swimming pool in the East River @ NYC. Designed by FAMILY and PlayLab with Arup. The pool will be using water from the river which is treated through a specially designed filtration system.
© Family, PlayLab

© Family, PlayLab

The project so far has raised $25,000 USD.
More About this project

So if you guys do have a creative idea (which might sound crazy to others) do check this website out. And if you guys are residing in USA then what are you waiting for? Post your project!!!

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