Friday, 8 July 2011

Louis Vuitton's Window display art

So, last week I was in Bangalore, for a project site visit. I checked out the UB city mall on Vithal Mallaya road (which has a collection of many hi-end luxury brand retail stores), since I was in the vicinity. Wanted to check out the latest and the greatest in the retail world.
Came across this amazing LV store's window display.
Louis Vuitton always has some really inspiring window display. They just don't hang clothes on mannequins and stack products on display units- they tell a story of their products by making some incredible & quirky art installation.

And this was their display, when I had visited Bangalore (same store) a couple of years back.

Another example of their display
this image via ladyfancy


  1. That's cool...I like LVs displays fact the store in Sydney has the same one with hot air balloons!..:)

  2. they do do that ...their store display all across the world are common at given time!

  3. Imagination implemented.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks Appu, for dropping a comment!