Wednesday, 6 July 2011

miX it up-1

Cross-disciplinary interaction among distinct design fields has always fascinated me (part of the reason why I opted to do my masters in product design after graduating in architecture). What fascinates me is not just the scaling up or scaling down of their signature style but also their unique thought process in a certain stream of design that they apply or improvise to make it relevant to an altogether different stream of design.
For example if a fashion designer designs housewares or a product designer designs interiors or an architect designs a clothing line or shoes !!...well the results are always intriguing to say the least. 
This is the first part of a five part series of miX it up…where people from various disciplines of design have collaborated to create something incredible.

Architecture + fashion
Dutch architect Rem D. Koolhass (not his uncle with same name of OMA) collaborated with British shoemaker Galahad Clarke to form  a unique shoe brand United Nude

These are their latest!!
Frame -- going back to their architectural roots they have taken inspiration from the basic structural framework 

Lo Res via {dezeen}
Lo Res shoe is a part of a project of semi automate design method which uses custom software that creates a computer model by scanning a series of 3D points from the original object. here they have scanned a high heel shoe. WoW!!
Stealth bag via { mocoloco}
And these are their greatest!!!

 Eamz - inspired by the Eames chair the chrome heel is a straight take on the legs of the famous chair designed by Charles & Ray Eames. They are super comfortable and they have a slight springy feel I guess may be because of the heel
'Mobius' inspired by the frame of Mies Van der RoheĆ¢€™s famed Barcelona chair - I love the retro-ish pink pattern on it.


  1. Great post again..I loved the 'Mobius' n the hot pink pattern on it ..ur posts are very inspiring, keep blogging:))

  2. Thanks Kalyani!!...thanks for theencouragement.