Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Movies + Design - Flashbacks of a fool

Often times I watch a TV show only to check out either the outfits in it or the interiors and architecture in it, even if  I am not interested in the storyline. Take for instance, Gossip Girl - they have interesting interiors, excellent outfits (both men & women) and perfect background scores. But we will come back to Gossip Girl in a later post.
Well, in this post, I am going to talk about this movie I had watched long time back Flashbacks of a Fool which has a house in it that I still vividly remember, for its extraordinary design. Its a Daniel Craig movie which has a mesmerising dream of a Malibu Mansion (its actually in Cape town South Africa) in it. This retro-modern ocean front villa fullfills all the criteria for a mansion according to me.
1. Can walk down bare feet right to the ocean from your house - check
2. Infinity pool facing the ocean - check
3. A humongous open kitchen - check
4. Great artwork hanging on the walls - check
5. High ceilings - check
6. Amazing but minimalist furniture pieces - check
7. In Malibu - check!! (its actually in Cape town South Africa)

sorry for the quality of the images
View of the Villa  - check out the infinity pool

Open kitchen with a long marble top bar counter - check out the unique bar stools. At the corner are these wide stairs that DC glides down from in this scene (sorry could not get a pic of the upper part which is breathtaking - check out the movie if you want to see) 

Beautiful artwork in the background, nice wooden side table and her dress goes with the art work aswell!!
Another view of the long bar counter/kitchen platform

Beautiful painting behind Daniel Craig

Ocean in the backdrop

And a bare feet walk to the beach!

Would really like to know who is the architect of this house. Anyone?


  1. Come visit me, we will both go backyard crashing in Malibu to find it ;)

  2. Super post! I liked ur observation where the (leading?) lady's dress matches the artwork!! the mansion is indeed dream come true stuff:))

  3. The house is not in Malibu. It is located in Fishermans Bend, Cape Town, South Africa

  4. 45 Fisherman's Bend Cape Town 7806, South Africa