Sunday, 3 July 2011

The Table - restaurant in Mumbai

On Saturday, I had a lunch meeting at this recently opened place in Colaba ( South Bombay), called The Table. Apart from some great food, what caught my eye was the very "New York bar" kind of interiors, of the place. 
They have used this amazing blue upholstery (which looks better in real life). 
Also loved the layout of the place, where even though they have a mezzanine, it does not look overbearing but just blends in, to form the ceiling of this long solid wood 'bar counter' like community seating table. The tables are tucked in these huge french window niches. The walls are cladded with, what appeared to be bush hammered stone, painted black. They have also done the floor with same hammered black stone & white marble.
If only they had used the white & chrome Neuvo Penta pendant light instead of the red & chrome. Because they already have an ample color palette, considering the look that they are going for - the blue upholstery (for bar stools and tufted seating back panelling), the green upholstery (baroque pattern - antique armchairs), the golden cushions and the dark golden brown of the solid wood. I am not considering black & white as colors.

images via mumbaiburp
We had 'Zucchini Spaghetti Almonds Parmesan' & 'Crispy Truffle Polenta'. All said and done the Zucchini spaghetti & their egg bread is worth driving down to South Bombay for!!


  1. Decadent interiors! what I loved most is blue upholstery & gold cushions n of course zucchini spaghetti (wish i cud taste it too!)

  2. Kalyani...why don't you visit India...will take you there for lunch ?