Saturday, 2 July 2011

Window with a green view!

Its monsoons here. So time to sip masala chai and stare blankly outside the window and admire the greenery around (I don't mean the mossy green but really beautiful plants and trees). 
Every monsoon, I get this urge to get some potted plants. Living in a city, you really don't have that kind of space, for a full fledged garden. So we have to do with window flower beds and plant boxes.

Here are a few that I love.

The ones that make me go "I wish I was here right now"
 {venice in may 2007} 

The ones that satisfy my design sense

images via apartment therapy

And the once I really deserve - the self watering ones!
image via grobal vailable for $24.95

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  1. Great post! I'm loving the 'satisfying my design sense ideas'..n like ur sense of humour ..for the potted plants u deserve;) I've got quite a few of those too!