Monday, 18 July 2011


When your room has a view like this.
A breathtaking view of the Arabian Sea like this!!

And, the only thing, that keeps you away from soaking in its complete glory, is a glass window or maybe, sometimes even a glass wall. Then wouldn't it be swell to have may be a humungous glass wall which also turns into ceiling like this image below. 
But, what if you can, say on a beautiful day, momentarily let go of an entire Glass wall.
Can you??? YES you can.
Check out these images below carefully.
The 600 sqft window shown in this pic works on a pulley system that opens the entire living area to the surrounding lake. The house "Chicken Point Cabin" is designed by Olson Kundig Architects 

Have a look at this image the glass doors open up the living area to the landscape outside. Achieved by the "Expansive accordion doors join together in a sharp angle when shut, but when they’re open the crook competely disappears—as does the barrier between outside and in". Note the usage of a green rug in the living area that almost smoothly completes the indoor to outdoor transition.
What I also loved about both these examples are its Industrial Chic interiors and the usage of colors on the soft surfaces.

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  1. Awesome glass wall + ceiling! 'Industrial - chic' is raw n sophisticated at the same only if I had a room with a view like that:)