Thursday, 14 July 2011

Wooden Fashion

You do not expect a material as inherently solid as wood to be associated with something as fluidic as fashion. So, when I came accross these two distinct & unusual material application ideas, I had to share it with you all. It is amazing and inspiring to see these innovative application of wood. In one case, the material is deconstructed into pieces and then reconstructed to whole. In other example, the material is used to create a rigid form as a backdrop, punctuated with soft silk inlays. Both of these examples, have an amalgamation of wood with textile, to create an unexpected & new tactile experience.

1. The first two images are - Elisa Strozyk & Maria Bonita creation of a women's fashion collection using geometric wooden textiles The dresses & the bags are made of small triangular laser cut wooden pieces attached on a textile base. 

2. The next 4 images are statement clutches - creations of Rachana Reddy. Her debut collection of 2010 is called "Lotus Sutra". The clutches are in wood with modern minimalist box like shapes while the motifs on them are predominantly traditional Indian motifs like lotus, paisley, peacock feathers & islamic jali pattern. The motifs are beautiful padded silk inlays.  


images via artnlight, mocoloco, rediff

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