Monday, 19 December 2011

Holiday Greetings!!

Well readers, I am coming back on the blogosphere after a long long time. So apologies.
Reasons for the absence being: 10% inertia, 10% bloggers block and 80% super busy schedule (about which in later posts).

Lots of things happened in the world and in my life during this past few months. Like,
1. I got a good lesson on business negotiations (in a good way),
2. We almost finished a very exciting but soul sucking project (learnt a lot about myself as a designer and as a person),
3. I got an interesting idea for a future project and met some interesting experts, in the Indian arts and crafts scene
4. And, of course last but not the least -  the design world became Job-less

So, after being coaxed again, again, again by my guy and some encouraging words by my near and dear ones, I decided to restart blogging. With a holiday cheer and of course a "resolution" (since we are in "that" season) - which is to be much more disciplined about blogging.

Hence to spread some designer holiday cheer, I am posting these beautiful and intriguing designs/versions of a Christmas tree.
Louis Vuitton Christmas tree via Vogue
A Christmas tree made out of Gold at Gina Tanaka via luxpresso

Christmas tree Designed by John Galliano for Dior

Murano Glass Christmas tree in Venice on Murano Island

Christmas tree designed by Zaha Hadid for an auction in 2008 which got a bid of 46,000 euros  - via art n style


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