Sunday, 15 January 2012

Hand blown Glass Chandeliers

My favourite design mag Wallpaper featured these beautiful hand blown glass chandeliers by a New York designer, Lindsey Adelman.

I really liked this asymmetric spiky form with grey and copper tones on the glass. Looking at some of her other creations, I find her usage of metal such as brass, copper and even gold and blown glass, very beautiful.
To be honest, I have been fascinated by hand blown glass technique ever since I visited the glass factories and Museums in Murano Italy. So much so, that I wanted to take a short course on it when I was in SF – its on my to do list (when I take a sabbatical :) ).

Check out these beautiful creations from the museum in Murano. These are some classic Venetian Style chandeliers.
When you look at the artisans making these kind of creations in the factories, you feel that it seems so effortless at a glance, but when you look at their technique closely, you realise the controlled movements of their hands and the controlled amount of air that is blown that gives rise to such beautiful forms. But this is just the basic, there are many more complex ways of creating beautiful multicoloured patterns, of hand blown glass. One for example is Murrine, which is made by layering of liquid color glass by making rods of glass of different colors and fused together and then sliced to create the layered pattern
diverse Buble lighting 1
These are Lindsey Adelman' s creation and her contemporary version of the traditional Murrine technique
images via decodir
And then there are these multicoloured chandeliers which were exhibited in the verandah of  Murano Museum. I like the quirky take on the traditional shape of chandeliers.

I think Chandeliers - modern or contemporary, add a touch of glamour to the room. One can use coloured glass modern lamps, to spice up the room and then tie it in with other accessories, in the room.

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