Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Prada + OMA fashion show set designing

We have known the famous store designs produced by the collaboration of Prada and Dutch Architect Rem Koolhaas's OMA. But this month's Wallpaper covered an Interesting article about their collaboration for the fashion show set designing, which started from 2004 onwards.

Check out their latest work below
Grid of Blue foam seats for the S/S 2012 Prada menswear

 Here instead of having a traditional Catwalk flanked with spectators, there was field of Blue foam blocks where the spectators will be seated on carefully placed on a spread of artificial grass. As wallpaper has written about this experimental design that "Prada has questioned the peculiar spectacle of the catwalk. Who is the spectator and who is part of the spectacle? Are the lucky 600 guests with their own blue seat really the audience or an essential part of the show? Are the real spectators the millions who watch the show, live or not, on Prada.com, Wallpaper.com and other media platforms"

Some of their previous Fashion Show sets.

S/S 2011: an elevated stage, surrounding by stadium-style seating. The surface of the runway was covered in a metal grille, while neon lights concealed beneath illuminated the runway

A/W 2007 menswear: A spiralling, fossil-like creation in orange

S/S 2010 womenswear: The show was bisected by a wall featuring projections of scenes from grand hotels

S/S 2009 menswear: A series of undulating timber seating islands demarcated the show space. The modular seating units were also seen later in the year for the A/W 2009 menswear show

What I noticed from all the above examples is that a) the set itself is like a beautiful and intriguing art installation b) they have continuously experimented with the interaction between the modelling walk area and the audience.

All images via Wallpaper 



    looks like a gate to "heaven" on earth...the hotel scenery

  2. awesome blog! It really helped with my fashion show stage layout project for inspiration!!