Wednesday, 10 July 2013

My excitement around project handovers..

Project handovers are always exciting and nervous times. I for one always have a child like excitement to see the final outcome, of my design ideas. And its heightened, when it is something new that I am trying and which I believe, will give a fabulous outcome!.

Now each of my projects, I purposefully design some major details that I have not done or seen before. One such project, was a shoe store Tresmode, we did last year.
I had designed a big curvilinear backlit element in Euroceil, with sleek metal shelving in front, to display the glamorous shoe designs, of the brand. Though I had used the stretch ceiling material before, it was not the way I had conceptualised for this store. So, when on the final day, before the site handover, when Euroceil was being installed, I couldn't resist my self to visit the site at non office hours tagging my 3 year old daughter along with me.

Here are some images of the installation..

My daughter watching the installation. Well I know its not an example from the book of good parenting but hey the site was complete and safe and most of all my girl enjoyed watching it.
And here's the finished projects..tadaa...!!!


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